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Welcome to Lens Digital

We create niche websites for specific industries where quality of content is paramount. Our websites are engaging and entertaining.

We are currently covering marketing, recruiting and training. By joining our communities you will be promoting your business in the best possible environment.

We also provide our software on a white label basis so that you can have your own community running on our platform.

Why Does This Matter?

For more than 10 years search engines have encouraged online marketers to add content to the Internet with links to their websites to boost their search engine rankings. Some people did this well, but many put up poor content - anything provided there was a link. Some used technology to reproduce multiple articles and many outsourced their content to others who were not experts or, in some cases, were not proficient in the language they were writing in.

The result is that much of the content on the Internet is of no value whatsoever. In recent updates search engines have sought to address this and downgraded poor content. Even so, great content is rare.

Lens Digital want to create websites where the content is of the highest quality. We want to do this with industry professionals who have something worthwhile to say.


Lens Features

Each Lens website is an engaging environment where the best content is promoted.

  • You can 'Rant and Rave', in a fast paced interface, about the things that have your attention. Do your industry peers agree or do they have another way of looking at those things?
  • You can add your company in our directory.
  • You can write articles to share your knowledge and promote yourself as an industry expert.
  • You can participate in a community which promotes sharing of your content and social media feeds to amplify your voice online.

Please make contact so we can have a chat about how we can be of value to you.